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We are sorry...

You are seeing this message because of one of the following reasons:

<% If request.querystring("error")&"" = "referer" then %>
  1. You tried to post information from another domain.
  2. Personal firewall installed on your computer explicitly erased "http_referer" information.

Problem #1:

Forum admin enabled domain checking to prevent any unauthorized access from other domains. Please use <%= forumdir %> to access our forum. You may click here to try again.

Problem #2:

Your personal firewall software may explicitly erased "http_referer" information from your browser. This small piece of information is used for security reasons only and we do not store this information on our web server, our database server, nor your browser (as cookies).

You will be able to view the content on our forums but you will not be able to post messages without "http_referer". The following personal firewall applications are known to cause this problem:

Norton Internet Security 2002:

  • Options
  • Personal Firewall
  • Advanced Options
  • Browsing Privacy
  • Click on the Permit tab from the drop down box on the Browser (User Agent)

Zone Alarm Pro Edition (under Privacy Sections):

  • Mobile Code Control > Off
  • Ad blocking > Off
  • Cookie Control > Off

It is also possible to set our forum's URL as a trusted site on some firewall software so that the software's settings will not conflict with our forums. For more information on firewall configuration, please consult the manual accompanied with the firewall software for detailed configuration instructions.

You should look for the following specific sections in the firewall's help file should you need to tweak your firewall settings:

  • Ad-blocking, as we use pop-up windows for various page functionalities. You should set the block level to "low" or turn it off completely while browsing our forums. Some firewall software can't differentiate an Ad from legitimate page functionalities.
  • User Agent settings, as we need to identify whether you are accessing our forums from the designated URL (specified by forum admin). In our case, the designated URL would be: <%= forumdir %>
  • Script-blocking, as we use JavaScript for various page functionalities. Our JavaScript codes are available for viewing in case you are unsure of the safety issues involved.
  • Trusted Site/Zone, as you can set our forum's URL as a trusted URL in your firewall to prevent all the problems without having to switch off the above features in your firewall.


<% Else %>
  1. Either JavaScript and/or Cookies are Not Enabled on Your Browser.
  2. You enter the forum with an URL that contains invalid Session ID.

Problem #1:

To use our forum (ASPPlayground.NET Forum SQL), JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled.

Netscape Communicator 4+:

  • Select "Edit" from the browser Menu bar
  • Select "Preferences"
  • Double click on "Advanced"
  • Verify that "Enable JavaScript" is selected
  • Verify that "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server" is selected
  • Select the "OK" button

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+:

  • Select "View" from the browser Menu bar
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Select "Security" tab
  • Select "Custom (for expert users)" security level and select the "Settings" button
  • Locate "Scripting" and verify that "Active Scripting" is enabled
  • Locate "Cookies" and verify that "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" is enabled
  • Select the "OK" button on the "Security" window
  • Select the "OK" button on the "Internet Options" window

Once you have enabled both JavaScript and Cookies you may try the forum again.

Problem #2:

You have bookmarked a page that contains your previous (invalid) Session ID. Always bookmark our forum's home page WITHOUT the Session ID. e.g.:

  • <%= forumdir %>?cookieCheck=XXX will be invalid the next time you enter the forum.
  • <%= forumdir %> is the page you want to bookmark.

Try again?

<% End If %>

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