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<% dim SQL, objCon, gid gid = request.form("gid") SQL = replace(trim(request("banemail"))," ", "") if request("DO")="ban" then if SQL<>"" then SQL = "'"&replace(SQL,vbcrlf,"','")&"'" SQL = "Update pgd_members Set banned=1 WHERE Email in ("&SQL&")" set objCon = server.createobject("adodb.connection") With objCon .open = datastore .execute SQL, , adExecuteNoRecords + adCmdText .close End With set objCon = nothing end if response.write ("Users with invalid addresses banned successfully.

") elseif request("DO")="movetogroup" then Dim arrEmails, strSQL, strFinalEmail if SQL<>"" and gid<>"-1" then arrEmails = split(SQL,vbcrlf) SQL = "'"&replace(SQL,vbcrlf,"','")&"'" if isArray(arrEmails) then set objcon = server.createobject("adodb.connection") with objcon .open datastore for i = 0 to ubound(arrEmails) if len(arrEmails(i))<>0 then strSQL = dbOwnerPrefix&"spAddUserToGroup ("&gid&", 0,'"&arrEmails(i)&"', 1)" .execute strSQL, , adCmdStoredProc+adExecuteNoRecords 'strFinalEmail = strFinalEmail&trim(arrEmails(i))&"','" end if next .close end with set objcon = nothing 'strFinalEmail = "'"&CheckDelimitedFormat(strFinalEmail,"','")&"'" end if end if if len(SQL)<>0 then call SendGroupWelcome ("",gid,SQL) response.write ("Users with the above addresses moved successfully.

") Application.lock Application(dbName&"updatePMcache") = 1 ' cache needs updating Application.unlock end if %>
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